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LIYUAN Battery Co., Ltd. Belonging to  LIYUAN power Group , the main source of business Technology Group for the electric vehicle powertrain and battery energy storage system integrated enterprise development . Since  LIYUAN power Group  , a former manufacturer of lithium batteries to maintain the level of R & D and manufacturing the world's advanced level. LIYUAN power Group new energy technologies (ncluding lithium iron phosphate batteries and electric car motors , control systems development , research- based energy storage system , at present, has invested 300 million yuan for the development of new energy battery , get more than 70 technology patents , its batteries, motors , cars, etc. the main products have received national authoritative testing and certification company in Tangshan City , Hebei Province , Zhongshan Tan Chau new energy industry base , in 2009 , the government and the 2000 Tangshan electric car the order signed in 2011 , the group in the western region , central and southern China factory increased its strategic investment plan , now Xinjiang and Xinjiang Nonferrous Metals Group , Yinchuan government and silver Star Energy ( Government 00862.SZ) signed a cooperation agreement .
LIYUAN power Group  has first-class team of experts and technical team , a team of experts, including Tsinghua power electronics technology, " dean " of Tsinghua Korean Yingduo academicians, professors experts Quanshi electric vehicles , lithium chemistry expert Professor Yang Wensheng , Beijing Institute of Technology Experiment Panel of experts chambers and other electric vehicles . Beijing University of Technology team in the battery industry , the automotive industry more than a decade working engineers and technical experts business team,
When the development of domestic and international research projects pure electric car is still in the experimental stage, Power Source Technology Group , after years of unremitting efforts, and Changchun FAW Bus Group, Dongfeng Group, Guangzhou Bus Co., Ltd. to jointly develop and produce a pure electric vehicles, pure electric and pure electric buses and Pakistan , to become China 's first pure electric car assembly suppliers. At the same time , LIYUAN power Group is the only pure electric cars on the ultimate solution for enterprise group .
LIYUAN power Group recognized the importance of the development of the electric energy storage industry . 2011 Power Source Technology Group and Tsinghua University, Electric Power Research Institute in Zhangjiagang 500KW intelligent investment in building energy storage power station demonstration project , and was a complete success , marking the Power Source Technology Group in battery technology and energy-saving technology level storage management system to achieve the national Grid standards , and has been widely praised for leading the State Grid , China Southern power Grid and the State electricity Regulatory agencies. Liyuan Technology Group currently produces 200 amps of lithium has been widely used as storage batteries, other types of products 100AH, 180AH, 300AH, 400AH,500AH, 700AH lithium batteries have been widely used , excellent reputation in mobile communications. And "National 863 Plan lithium battery research and development center " base will be located in Zhongshan City, Tan Chau

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office Address: No. 89 Longcheng Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China.


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office Address: No. 89 Longcheng Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China